Monday, March 5, 2012

Knitter's Block

I have knitter's block. Knitter's block is the inability to see the garment or pattern in the yarns around you. I have heard of the condition but never suffered from it before. I tried to start four projects but nothing seemed to work. I reviewed the knitting books I have in my library--no inspiration from the lace or cable patterns. I held different weight yarns and tried to envision what a finished garment would look like if they became lace or a stockinette sweater or summer shawl. Nothing! No one I know is in need of a knitted or crocheted garment. I can usually think of a project that would appeal to someone on etsy. Not even a fleeting thought. Knitting needles feel heavy in my hands and the ideas I have for spring and summer colors seem tired and over used.

I think it is time for something new. My son-in-law is helping me make videos of knitting techniques for me to share with all of you. The first one will be a segment on styles of casting on. I am also working on demonstrations of starting socks from the toe up and the from the cuff down. If there is a special technique you would like to see demonstrated, let me know. I will post directions and make a video when my son-in-law has time.

In the meantime I will put my needles in their case and organize my yarn. The fiber will speak to me when the time is right. Sharing my experience will have to do in the meantime.

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