Sunday, March 11, 2012


My knitter's block is a memory, quickly fading as I make lace borders. They don't have to have a reason to be. They are beautiful on their own. I look at plain blouses or sweaters and see how much prettier they will look with a bit of lace at the collar and cuffs. Lace on top of the ribbed cuff of socks or gloves changes a utilitarian necessity into a charming fashion accessory.

Every culture has unique knits. They can be made from wool, silk, cotton or angora and bamboo. Some people knit them; others make them by tatting or knotting thread-like lace weight yarn. My grandmother made crochet lace that was the envy of the women in her neighborhood.

This fall I am attending a knitting retreat in the Poconos. I have listed the lace making class and the tatting class as my two most desired classes, although I am sure the hand dying and the learn-to-spin classes will challenge and invigorate me.

What am I going to do with the knitted borders I make? I am posting them on etsy as a made to order product. Buy a plain cardigan or tee-shirt and I will make a lace trim for you in the fiber that suits you best. Buy a blouse or an antique brooch and I will fashion a set of lace cuffs for your blouse and a choker for the brooch.

Squares of lace make a blouse beautiful. Look me up and try a bit of froth.


  1. Sounds a great idea - and not too big a project at any one time, either! Wish you every luck in the new genre and look forward to reading about the classes and possible tips that emanate from the course(s).

  2. Look today. I posted how to make a toe for a sock without having to work in the round with a very few stitches or increase as you go. It is a technique sometimes called origami toe. As soon as I get the head camera I will video it for you.