Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Finds:Land of Enchantment

Greetings my friends,
   I have recently arrived in the desert mountains of New Mexico after a pleasant, albeit long, journey by rail car. The red mountains speckled with green shrubbery rising up around my new home away from home in the southwest mining town of Madrid find me at the dining table. This new seclusion from the hustle and bustle encouraging me to put thought to print. This is the type of place where creative outlets beg to be explored.

One thing you find yourself doing out here, is taking a lot of photographs. There are too many inspiring photo opportunities to take advantage of .While browsing around Etsy this fence post shot by Liquid Silver stood out as a perfect example of the weathered tranquility you will find in these wide open spaces.
Fence Post Photograph by Carissas Silver Lining
 As far as fashion is concerned, the desert requires certain basics. Leather is preferred by many, for everything from coats to wallets to satchels. This handmade leather messenger bag would be perfect, even if the technology you carry inside might not be as rugged. This bag is big enough to fit an 11 inch laptop.

Handmade Leather bag by Luscious Leather NYC
Despite my long term preference for combat boots, there is no denying the prevalence of all manner of cowboy boots in this region. If one day I should join the masses, I think something like these black leather vintage cowgirl boots from Porcelain Threads would do the trick.

Vintage Black Leather Cowboy Boots at Porcelain Thread
Hats are a must with the sun blazing in the sky by mid day. True to our Victorian flair at Poison Garden, I quite fancy this Old West twist on this striking handmade ladies hat made by Loreli Thayler of GussiedUpGal., and  speaking of Victorian, this jaw dropping custom-made 1880s Wild West Victorian Dress and Corsets by Jupiter Moon Corsets - designed by MJVO may not be practical everyday wear, but my, what a show stopper of an ensemble.
Victorian/Old West Hat
Wild West Dress and Corset by MJVO
There is also of course, a strong Native American influence in the southwest. I can't tell you how much feathered headdresses have enamored me over the years. This extravagant fall of sand colored feathers by TheDesertChild is a dream come true.
Native Desert Headpiece
 Regardless of the odd looks I might receive, if I had this Tribal Dancer Breastplate by Wolfpack Tribal, I would wear it daily.
Dancer Breastplate
 Thus concludes my desert fantasy wish list..enjoy!

~Melissa aka the Toad Catcher


  1. I enjoy the indian items, but I absolutely love that victorian hat and dress!!!!
    - ourhometoyours