Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't block your socks

There are some really fancy devices in the stores and on line to block socks. I have seen plastic ones, padded ones and metal ones in the yarn shop. There are also instructions for making sock blockers from old wire hangers. Some of these contraptions cost more than the yarn to make cashmere socks. I avoid them at all costs.

I don't block socks. The feet for which they are made block them to a perfect fit the first time they are put on. Soaking and stretching and ironing them may make them look nice in the box, but it is the wearer who blocks them to his/her foot.

I just sent four pairs of grey flannel exercise socks to a customer in Illinois. She is giving them to friends as Christmas presents. Because they are cotton and acrylic they can be machine washed and dried, but they will keep the shape their owners give them.

Save yourself money and time, let the feet do the shaping. You just do the knitting.

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