Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Day Projects

It is raining today, so the plan to put out bulbs with my grandchildren is shelved. Instead we are working on inside projects. I am working on orders for Christmas socks and gloves. They are busy making play dough sculptures to show their parents when they get home from work. I used some time early this morning to start setting up my etsy shop for the Christmas giving season.

When the twins nap after lunch I shall use the time to design new patterns of my own and learn new techniques. This rainy day I am trying out new three and four color patterns for mittens. The technique comes from tribal people in Russia and presents a challenge to my skill and creativity.

Visit my etsy shop if you wish to see the latest additions to the Christmas suggestions. I put four new items up this morning, including the gloves I made from the Turkish yarn I found. I still catch my breath when I see the unique colors and designs.

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