Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh where oh where has Poison Garden gone?

Melissa and Crystal Darlington
So you may have noticed that the Poison Garden store and blog has seemed quiet these past few months... Well we have been quite busy getting ready for and attending festivals.  We have a bunch of new items sitting in our workshop...waiting to be photographed... including herbal eye pillows, flower hair pins, and Victorian bags!  We also have some wonderful new rear-view mirror hangers (with angels, spiders and other cool charms), crystal pendulums and decorative bottles.  It may be a little while before we post these items, but we are excited to finally show-off our new goods.  I know I know... stop procrastinating and post these items!
Tea Accessories
Darlington Old Fashioned Day

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos and tell you a little about our most recent shows.  The first show, called Old Fashioned Days, took place in Darlington, IN on September 9th and 10th.  Darlington is a small town in Central Indiana not too far from Lafayette, IN.  Darlington is also the town in which Nona (Sandra) is opening her Victorian Bed and Breakfast (which is haunted, by the way).  You can read some of Nona's tips for knitting around our blog as well!  Anyways, the festival went very well.  We got to eat some awesome food including barbecue, lemon shake-ups and cake (although Melissa's dog stole her sister Destiny's piece when she took it home!).  The town held some fun events such as a parade (complete with tractors, old fashioned carriages and even a gun display), a hulu hoop contest and big wheel races.  We shared our booth space with a number of other great artists such as Nona's Knits, her friend Pat, her son-in-law Zach, and Jerry Mack the master candle-maker. You may also notice that Melissa, her sister Destiny and I broke out our own Old-Fashioned costumes!
Destiny & Crystal: Darlington
Melissa: Darlington

 Poison Garden then traveled to Chicago for Pagan Pride Day on September 17, 2011.  The festival was held in beautiful Pleasant Home Park. In the park, there was a large historic Federal-style home which was beautiful.  It was open during the festival so we did get to see parts of it.  The park was also surrounded by a gorgeous wrought-iron fence... perfect setting for the Butterfly Queen, the Pumpkin Tender, and the Toad Catcher if I do so say myself.  All three of us showed up in our finest outfits for such an event!
Pleasant Home
Suzette & Melissa

Crystal & Suzette
The festival itself served as a gathering place for Pagans to meet one another, shop related vendors and participate in various workshops and rituals.  The festival also hosted a number of entertainers such as singers, a bellydancer, a play and drummers.  And the vendors were all selling some very interesting items including feathers and belly dancing clothes, voodoo supplies, artwork, photography, incense, jewelry and even embroidered gifts.  All in all it was fun day in Chicago - with beautiful weather!  Thank you Chicago.. we will definitely be returning.
Jewelry & Accessories
Eye & Dream Pillows

We will now be working on posting these new items and we will probably do some more shows in December.  Check back soon!


  1. I see you had a great day! Love your post!

  2. Oh what fun this all sounds like! I have a gal friend I'm going to send this way. Your are a spiritual kin to her I'm sure of it.

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