Sunday, October 23, 2011

How do I. . .?

How do I make sure the socks and gloves I knit are the same length?

There are several ways to make sure the socks and gloves match. You can use a long circular needle and make both at the same time. This is an advanced technique that takes time to master. Wait until after Christmas to try it or those cozy Christmas slippers may become an Easter bunny surprise.

Make one sock or glove. Hold the second sock against it as a quick measure. Unless you are making chunky yarn slippers there is a real risk one of the pair will be an eighth or even a quarter inch shorter than the other.

The same thing can happen when you measure each half of the pair with a ruler or tape measure. Even if you block them to the same measurement, the truth will out when they are washed.

To make sure socks and gloves are the same length when you are knitting one at a time, clip small lengths of contrasting yarn (I use 4" to 6" pieces) and set them aside. Knit a specific number of rows on the first sock or glove of the pair, 10 or 20 works for me. Slip the last stitch of the completed row you are going to mark to a cable needle and hold it in front. Wrap a small piece of contrasting yarn around the base of the stitch. Make sure the tails of the scrap yarn are to the front of the stitch. Return the wrapped stitch to its original position. Repeat this every 10 or 20 rows and complete the first half of the pair. Do the same with the second sock or glove to make sure they are exactly the same length. When the pair is completed, gently remove the scraps of yarn from the marked rows. You have a perfect pair of gloves or socks for that special person at Christmas.

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