Thursday, September 1, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: Ms. Formaldehyde

True Blood Purple Fascinator
Good evening everyone!  Tonight we would like to introduce the bold and spunky accessory artist: Ms Kelly Formaldehyde.  This Etsy artist, based out of San Diego, CA, designs colorful and exotic hair barrettes, bobby pins, feather fascinators, earrings, necklaces and even birdcage wedding veils.  While she has an alternative edge with her bright pink hair, Ms. Formaldehyde is not a traditional Goth, etc.  Instead, Ms. Formaldehyde sports her own unique style which is inspired by traditional Polynesian, Hawaiin, tiki, and Day of the Dead styles.           

I love the bright colors that she uses in her accessories! Most of the time when we think about Hawaii we do think of bright airy colors, but the particular shades that Ms. Formaldehyde uses even turns the Hawaiian symbols into creepy accessories!  In some ways, her accessories remind me of Voodoo and New Orleans as well.

However, my favorite part of her store is the banner which depicts a lady mad scientist (complete with flower and skull in her hair) mixing toxic chemicals and smiling.  And in the background?  Tiki dolls and tropical flowers! What a perfect banner for this truly unique store.

While it was hard to choose, here are some more of our favorite items from this store:

Mariposa Yellow Butterfly Barrette
Red Bow with Skeleton Hands
Green Envy Peacock Bridal Fascinator
 If you like this taste, be sure to check out Ms. Formaldehyde's Etsy store to see more items and to place custom or wholesale orders.  In addition, be sure to check out her Blog.
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  1. You've done a really nice feature! I look forward to you doing mine, but right now, I am on a LOA.
    Please feel free to stop by my blog :)


  2. Thanks both of you :) Look forward to doing your feature when you come back Cathy! I'll go look at your blog now.

  3. kelly always makes me think of those great character on criminal minds and ncis. fun and funky, probably a hoot to hang out with!