Friday, September 9, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: Ancient Oils

Peppermint Therapeutic Foot Scrub
Good morning and give a warm welcome to our featured artist this week: Ancient OilsAncient Oils is a handmade aromatherapy and bath shop based out of Cincinnati, OH.  In this shop, you may treat yourself to bath salts, foot scrubs, perfume, bath tea, clay masks and scented soaps all made with essential oils.  However, these goodies don't just smell good, they are also therapeutic.  The shop owner, Lilly DelValle, uses her background education in Metaphysics and Holistic Healing to craft healing aromatherapy blends.

Coventina Bath Salts
But one of the things I like most about this store is that it is a bath and body store with a theme: Goddesses.  Many of her products are inspired by different goddesses and their properties such as Athena, Aphrodite, Quan Yin, Yemaya and Coventina.  Use the Yemaya (African Goddess of Surrender) bath salts to let go and trust that life will right itself or the Coventina (Celtic Goddess) salts for purification.  And each of her Goddess salts is associated with the chakras as well.   

Exodus Holy Anointing Oil
Lilly also offers Biblical and other spiritual products such as annointing oils, resins, and other oil blends.  For example, the oil on the right is Exodus Holy Anointing Oil which is made with myrrh, cassia, cinnamon bark, calamus and olive oil.  Why is it considered to be holy?  Well if you turn to Exodus verse 30, there is a recipe that Moses was given to heal the sick... and it is the same materials Lilly uses to make this product.  Very neat!

Here are some more of our favorite items from this store:

Solar Plexus Chakra Athena Bath Salts

Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Face Mask
Blissful Motions Massage Oil
 To check out more of Lilly's products, check out her Etsy store, her Blog and her Facebook page.

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