Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letters From Poison Garden

Dearest Pumpkin Tender,
Thank you very truly for the wonderful gift of pumpkin shells sent with your last letter, I am sure the jimson folk will find them quite an agreeable shape and size and will begin construction of the most handsome pumpkin shell village one could hope for. I have included a number of toad mittens for your distribution among the croaking folk who reside on the shores of your lily pond. I apologize at the hast taken in writing this letter my dear, but I’m afraid that today The Butterfly Queen has sent me on the errand of obtaining a basket of mandrakes for her famous philtre. As you can see, I have finished the dog cart I have spent so long perfecting. If all goes according to plan, my trusty beagle hound should deliver this to you well before tea time. I hope you will find the cart most convenient for the transporting of pumpkin shells.
Most truly yours,
The Toad Catcher

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