Monday, July 11, 2011

The Jimson Folk Uprising

Jimsonweed aka Datura Stramonium
Recently it has been brought to my attention that the good folk who reside among the jimsonweed have been the cause of a great many instances of mischief and general hooliganism. Reports of fawny droppin, griddling, and elf shot peppering the hides of local cattle have come as quite a shock. After all, what ill treatment have our guests ever endured to lead them so astray? Each evening shillings and cants are laid for the wee ones and never is a word spoken against them. The only explanation for these disturbing events that we can gather is that the folk are seeking retribution for the blagging of their jimsonweed apples. If you have any clues that might lead us to the scoundrel who is responsible for these intrepid acts, for the sake of our peace, we implore you. End this ignominy and come forth while our goodly neighbors can still be appeased!

Yours Truly, 
Vertiline Lucius Thomas

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