Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Finds: Time

So, I want to change our section previously titled "Etsy Finds" so that we include items from other stores, including mainstream, commercial stores.  I think it is important to realize that we can decorate our homes or find alternative fashions in our local stores as well as buying from handmade artists.  So, to kick off our new section I wanted to focus on a particular theme: clocks.  I love clocks.  My husband and I are building our own "clock wall" so I have been looking all over for new and interesting clocks.  Searching the internet I found some great clock-inspired items not only on Etsy, but also at stores like Target and Pottery Barn. 

1) As Time Goes By London Photograph by EleventhMuse
2) Steampunk Gear Boots at Clockwork Couture
3) Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Art at DesignToscanao
4) Moth Book Clock by CocoClock5) Sun Clock Sundial at Target
6) Pendant Clock at Pottery Barn

Like my style?  Have a theme or style in mind that you would like me to do a product search for?  Leave a comment describing a "theme" or item you are looking for and I will go in search of unique items!

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