Thursday, July 7, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: KC Dragonfly

Dragonfly Little Black Bag
Last week we looked at an eclectic Bohemian shop and today we move a little to the dark side with our featured artist: KC Dragonfly.  KC Dragonfly, a relatively new seller on Etsy, creates Gothic stockings, parasols, jewelry, glass bottles and other handmade accessories inspired by "dragonflies, the moon and water".  Dragonflies are interesting creatures in native mythology.  In Greek mythology, dragonflies in the nymph stage were thought to be minor underwater goddesses (Berger and Hansen 2004, 9).  To the Japanese, dragonflies were the spirits of people who had passed on (Roberts 2010).  KC Dragonfly's products therefore invoke a feeling of mystery, darkness, and grace.

Here are a few of our favorite items from this store:

Ankh Ear Cuff and Earrings Set
Wedding Parasol

Dragonfly Cell Phone Charm

And wouldn't these Christmas stockings and card bags make great gifts?

Victorian Goth Stocking
Glitter Spider Card Deck Bag
Be sure to check out KC Dragonfly elsewhere on the web:

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