Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkish Yarn

There is a mastery of color and construction to Turkish yarn that reflects the centuries they have been spinning and dyeing the stuff of which carpets are made. There is a Turkish blue that sings of the ocean and the deep Mediterranean sky. The Turkish yarn makers combine it with a dark chocolate brown and hot sand white that causes me to catch my breath as I knit a pair of gloves or a scarf wit it. The yarns themselves slip through my fingers and glide off the needles with no effort at all. I can see why their wares, and their rugs, have been coveted since ancient times.

They can spin a super light thread that does not tangle or break as you make lace or fine socks. There is a wide range of intense colors with which to make a chunky sweater like no one else will be wearing that does not separate as you knit and purl. The socks I have made with their wool do not seem to wear out or fade with washing. They keep their shape and just grow softer with wear.

It is worth searching for. Don't look at the cost. Sometimes it comes very dear, but at other times it has been consigned to a bargain bin or a discount store. The Turks keep the quality high in any case. When Nona's Knits opens in Darlington, there will be bins of quality Turkish yarn for your knitting pleasure and for mine.


  1. sounds lovely, do you have any pics to share?

  2. I will have some Saturday. We are getting together to take pictures and update the etsy store.