Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Joy of Ginger Socks

My grandson turns 4 today. His father is putting the finishing touches on his train bed. He gets to order anything he wants at the restaurant of his choice. There are surprises already wrapped in paper. His mother is taking two days off from work. His grandfather is flying in from Washington, DC. Packages have arrived from California and there is a surprise waiting for him in Bloomington at his Uncle Greg's house. I bought him a Radio Flyer Big Wheel complete with lights and sounds. Altogether a fine beginning to his 5th year.

But what he asked for from me was a pair of ginger colored socks, shocking in their intense orange color. He plans to wear them with his Halloween costume Monday. I asked him to try on the first sock as I finished it so I could make sure the fit was right. He put it on and has not taken it off. He is wearing that sock now as he sleeps. I told him I needed the sock so I could make sure his socks matched exactly. In 4 year old fashion he refused to surrender the sock. "I need it, Glima," he said. "It's mine."

I will get the sock when he gets dressed to ride his big wheel or when he puts on his clothes to help me walk the dog. I will take the time to finish his second sock, even though there are customers waiting for socks of their own. They will understand. What will live in my heart is the undiluted joy in the his eyes when he slipped on the simple tube of cotton over his skinny little boy legs. Those socks tell him I love him. And his joy in them tells me he loves me, too.

Happy Birthday, Jordan Thomas. Wear your ginger socks in good health.


  1. oh, I love this....there is nothing like a grandson to brighten your life. (except maybe a granddaughter)