Friday, July 22, 2011

Smoke Fairies, Through Low Light and Trees

Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies are the two talented ladies of Smoke Fairies. Their sound is a little hard to describe but the first thing you notice is the moody, brooding blues riffs. You'd bet money these girls are from the South, but guess again: this eerie folk music comes from Sussex, England. If you listen for it, traditional British folk influences can be found weaving through the ethereal landscape of haunting contralto and messosoprano harmonies. Personally, folk + spooky + original lyrics usually equal love for me and these artists have nailed that formula, while adding some new spices to the recipe and getting even slightly psychedelic at times. What really stands out to me about this group is their ability to harmonize together so closely. It gives a soaring, otherworldly power to this otherwise firmly rooted, stuff of the earth band.

Through low light and trees, Smoke Fairies first album, won me over in one listen. With songs like Devil in my Mind, a mystical, rambling song that is slightly reminiscent of 70's psychedelic rock with 80's goth vocals a la Dead Can Dance. Strange Moon Rising is probably my favorite on the album.  The slide guitar really hits the spot on this track, giving it a dark, paranoid vibe.  Add in the almost Celtic sounding vocals and you've got yourself a soundtrack fit for picking up hitchhikers at midnight.

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