Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Finds: Gothic Summer Wear

Happy Friday! Well, it is a sweltering heat wave here in Indiana...which begs the question: how on earth do people with alternative tastes stay fashionable and cool in the summer?  Especially when you like wearing darker colors?  Well, I have put together a collection of items that fit such a request, with summer weight gloves, a parasol, a straw hat and even a tote for the beach!  And of course, you cannot forget the short black dress...

1) Fingerless Lace Gloves by Nona's Knits
2) Black Tattered Dress by GoGothic 
3) "Virginia" Lace Parasol at Lace
4) Black and White Denim Handbag by Crazyboy
5) Black and White Straw Hat by LeChapeau
6) Organic Black Swan Booties by Yasoknitting

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