Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: BabaMoon Baby Hats

Red Alice in Wonderland Baby Hat

For anyone who follows Poison Garden, you know that we adore all things Alice in Wonderland.  After seeing this hat to the right (which is absolutely adorable by the way), I began to wonder: how could a person who has alternative interests dress their baby in such a way that would be both cute and show of their own style?  I think the hats at BabaMoon offer one such option!

BabaMoon is an Etsy store run by a mother named Naomi Morgan who lives in Birmingham, UK with her two children.  Naomi not only makes the Alice in Wonderland hat, but also elf hats, pixie hats, witch hats, and aviator flap hats that may suit some of the readers on this blog.  Take a look at a few of my favorites:

Pixie Elf Beanie

Fluffy Hunter Earflap Hat
For those people who like a more traditional baby hat, BabaMoon also offers a wide variety of other cute options such as rabbit hats, kitten hats, newsboy/newsgirl hats,  flapper hats and flower bonnets:
Bunny Beanie

Newsboy Beanie
Little Lamb Beanie

If you need a special size, just send her a request since she can make hats that range from premature babies all the way up to adult sizes!

Also be sure to check out Naomi and BabaMoon at other places on the web:

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