Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf Clothes on the Christmas Tree

I save every left over scrap of yarn throughout the year. At Christmas I design and make elf clothes for the Christmas tree.  The ordinary work clothes I string with miniature clothespins to kite string or twine and use as garlands. Because the elves are pure imagination I make their clothes smaller or larger, depending on the amount of yarn available and what the elves look like in my imagination at the time. Some elves are the size of Barbie dolls and they seem to get the bulk of the sparkly evening wear pieced together from glitter and sequin yarn that has gone into adult party wear. The rough pants and sweaters used in Santa's workshop come in some pretty wild color combinations.  There are ponchos in shades of pink and blue; lavender seems to be a favorite color for elf socks. I promise to post photos when my son-in-law has time to take them.

This year I am sharing how I make wardrobes for Santa's helpers with the patrons of the Crawfordsville District Library. This sunday December 17th from 2 to 4 p.m. I shall be demonstrating and teaching the techniques for elf wear. There is a small display ofo an evening shrug, sweaters and trousers in the main room at the library. Sign up if you can. I would like to meet anyone in the Crawfordsville area who reds the blog.

Knitters are generous people and I love to meet with others who share my passion for taking a piece of string and creating a new piece of art or clothing.

I hope to meet and greet you this Sunday afternoon. Call the library and let them know you will be there. Bring your needles and your imagination. If you have any left over bits of string you wish to use for elf clothing, bring that, too. I shall bring my left over balls.

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