Saturday, May 5, 2012

Greetings from Crystal, the Pumpkin Tender

So I have just realized that while we have all us her at Poison Garden have been introduced in general terms, only Nona from Nona's Knits has officially introduced herself.  To rectify this gap, I shall go next! Since I am terrible at writing about myself, I'm going to reveal a part of my dorky nature and give myself interview questions....

Where am I from?
Well, I was born in Orange County, California but raised in Gloucester, Virginia.  Gloucester is a relatively rural county that is located by Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg so I grew up in an area steeped in colonial history.  In fact, I volunteered at the Yorktown Victory Center as a pre-teen and worked at Colonial Williamsburg while I was in college. 

I am a Political Scientist in training, with an interest in terrorism, political violence and women's rights in the developing world.  I got my Bachelor's degree from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Va then went on to the Master's program at Purdue University in Indiana.  I am currently working on my dissertation at Purdue.

Nope, not unless you count my three dogs.  Layla, the French Bulldog, Ty the Pitbull and Fiona the Pitador (Pitbull plus lab) - they are my babies!

Ty and Layla

Books: I love to read.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan and a recent convert to the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I also use to read a lot of vampire novels before it was popular, especially the Anita Blake books, Sookie Stackhouse novels and Anne Rice.  But I also like reading classic works like Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, and Wuthering Heights.

TV: I alternate a lot on what I watch but right now my favorites are Once Upon a Time, Castle and Merlin.

Color: Green!

Music: I mostly listen to metal with some folk rock such as In Flames, Rasputina, Nine Inch Nails.

How did I get involved in Poison Garden (aka PG)?
Well, Melissa was one of the first people I met when I moved to Indiana.  We actually met through the internet (gasp!), met in public to decide we weren't dangerous and slowly became best friends.  I eventually met her grandmother Suzette.  Melissa had worked on a couple of projects before PG and I actually bought a ribbon necklace from her.  I started helping her make ribbon jewelry and then we decided to form our own group.

Why am I the Pumpkin Tender?
Anyone who has spent anytime with me from September through November knows that I am obsessed with pumpkins.  Every time we drive past a pumpkin patch I squeal.  I think they are adorable! And I love them.... I also love Octopi.

Well that is enough for now... hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice to meet you and to know you better. Thanks for sharing!!
    Lovely dogs :)

  2. Crystal, it is a pleasure to get to know you better!!! I can't believe we have a third Crystal in our group!!!!