Friday, September 23, 2011

BEST Featured Artists: "A Proper Lady"

Artists?  Yes you read that right - today we are featuring several artists: Redemption Art, Elizabeth MD, and CKSilver.  While each artist is unique, they all offer items that would be fitting of any proper lady.  

Vintage Perfume Bottle
Redemption Art is run by Connie Haskell who is an item hunter... who goes out seeking unique vintage pieces and art, especially items from Hawaii.  Whether you are looking for a Tiki kit, a vintage hat, or other home decor, you are sure to find something special from this store.  Hey that rhymed... I especially love this green jade milk glass perfume bottle.  Nothing says "Lady" like a nice perfume!    

Girls Night Out Silver Hoop Earrings
And just as a lady needs perfume, so too should a lady have jewelry.  CKSilver is a mother-daughter team jewelry store based out of Chelan, WA.  Marilyn and Cindy focus on creating classic and elegant styles of jewelry that incorporate quality materials like sterling silver, gemstones, and pearls.  Check out this great pair of silver earrings they made.  They are sterling silver hoops with sodalite gemstones in them.  The sterling silver was shaped into the bold circles and then hammered down by hand.  You will not find earrings like these elsewhere!

Flower Bouquet Adjustable Ring
In fact, Elizabeth MD also makes beautiful silver jewelry.  Elizabeth is an inspired individual who enjoys history, writing, creating, daydreaming, and exploring.  Her eclectic tastes come out through her jewelry, but in a subtle and elegant way.  For example, check out this great smokey blue ring.  Love flowers find but find that carrying around a bouquet attracts strange looks?  Then this ring is for you.  Now you can continue to sport your Victorian or romantic look while maintaining your respectability in the modern world. 

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