Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: Our Home to Yours

OOAK Blood Red Heart Choker
Afternoon everyone!  Today we are featuring another great mother-daughter artist team.  Meet Debbi (mother) and Amanda (daughter) of Our Home to Yours, a jewelry, accessories and art store based out of Stony Point, North Carolina.  One glance at their store tells you three important things about these artists: First, they are very patriotic.  When you buy a product from their store, your item is made with all-American materials, supporting the "buy local" movement.  Second, these women love children.  Debbi calls herself a "professional" mother, who is raising biological children, foster children, and a newly adopted child.  Amanda is also mother of a small toddler.  Finally, these women are fun!  You can find fuzzy hot pink sandals, smiling sun anklets, and even a vintage hat in their store, among other items.

But the best way to get a feel for these artists is to hear from them in their own words:

Fuzzy Lime Green Flip Flops
Describe yourself in three words.
Hmmmm, first off I'm (Debbi) talkative, Mandy is not, so 3 words will be hard for me. 
1: Daughters of the King 

2: Artsy-Fartsy 
3: Mommies!

I know that the first one is more than 3 words, but most everyone calls themselves Christians. We don't have a religion... We have a relationship with our Heavenly Father, and our Savior Jesus Christ, and His Spirit lives in us. So one word won't cut it!.  We are artsy-fartsy because we love to ignore the world (housework) and just play in the studio.  And we are both mommies...and love it. I have had tons of kids (of all kinds) and Mandy also started her own family and does foster care, and would rather stay home then work. Unfortunately right now, she has to work, but hopefully not for too long.

Custom Painted Wedding Banner
Most people have something or someone they look to for inspiration - what or who is yours?

Our Father and His creation....and Nana (Debbi's mom) was a great artist herself.

What is something unique about your products that you wish all of your customers knew? 

Well, you never know what you mind find in our shop because we are a bit ADD. We will try most any craft, depending on our moods. Right now I've been bitten by the bead bug, ergo, jewelry. But I've been itching to get out my canvas and paints, and Mandy is into who knows. What I can tell you is that we rarely, if ever, repeat (relist) our items. So you can feel pretty sure that you are getting an OOAK (one of a kind).
Crochet Alien Buddy
If you had a time machine, what historical era would you transport yourself to?

I love the clothing and music of the Victorian era, but not the sickness, poverty, oppression and stuff. I don't know about Mandy, this is not something we ever really talked about. We love our lives, here today! I can't imagine my life without my laptop, and now that Mandy got me a new cell phone, where I can text on my phone, while IM'ing and writing my blog on my laptop....too much techi fun to give up! 

Thanks Debbi and Mandy! To find out more about Our Home to Yours, be sure to check out these other sites:

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