Thursday, August 18, 2011

BEST Featured Artist: Blue & White Wear

White Disc Necklace
Good evening! Today we are taking a trip on the exotic side with jewelry artist Blue & White Wear.  Although the artist was born in America, Blue & White Wear is becoming quite the traveler as she has lived in Bangkok, Thailand and now Chile.  Most of her earrings, necklaces and bracelets are inspired by her time in Thailand, however. Many of her products therefore feature fans, elephants, mandalas and Buddhas with traditional materials such as jade. 

And, of course, many of her items feature the blue and white Chinese, porcelain beads that inspired the store name, Blue & White Wear.  The blue and white beads reflect the style of glazing used in traditional Chinese pottery.  Some believe the Chinese began making the blue and white vases, bowls and other ceramics as early as the Tang dynasty.   

While the jewelry may be inspired by traditional materials and symbols, the jewelry is at the same time relatively contemporary.  Check out a few of our favorite items from this store:
Oriental Fan Necklace
Tibetan Mandala Necklace
Buddha Bauble Necklace
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