Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Warm Welcome

Good Morning my dears!

The Ladies of Poison Garden would like to introduce you all to our dear friend Nona who lives not too far away in a haunted Victorian home. She makes wonderful knits of all kinds. Many a day of leisure has included a friendly visit with Nona, under her dear knitting tree. I personally simply must have a pretty hair flower or other accessory upon every other visit! Look forward to more posts by Nona in the near future. The ladies of Poison Garden are looking forward to having Nona's knits accompany us on our festivals caravan this year!

Now on to more serious matters. Lately I have noticed such a level of outright indecency displayed by many a local youth. I find myself compelled to briefly touch on the importance of proper accessorizing. Firstly, the most basic and essential accompaniment to a lady's attire, gloves. Yes my darlings, a proper pair of gloves should be worn at all times save for when the hands are being used for eating and the like . I can hear your scoffing now, but never you mind those memories of unbecomingly sweaty palms. Summer weight laces are the fashionable ladies choice for this oppressive heat. Lighter colors being perfectly decent and yet a great degree cooler than more sober choices. Still, a light and delicate pair of lace gloves in black are at the pinnacle of fashionable appropriateness for the lady in mourning.

Silver Fingerless Lace Gloves by Nona's Knits

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