Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Etsy Finds: Beauty after the End

Inspired by recent events, today's list of Etsy finds is a collection of romantic yet apocalyptic-themed items.  Regardless of how the world ends, I ask myself: would life cease to be beautiful after an apocalypse?  In order to do this theme justice I had to include some futuristic Steampunk items such as the apocalypse dress and the vial holster.  Why? I love how Steampunk fashion and themes blend the "hard" and the "soft" - metals and grungy colors mixed with soft fabrics and whimsical items (vials, keys, cameos, etc.). Enjoy!

1) Vial Holster by SkinzNhydez
2) Bella Hair Comb by Aldesigns
3) Vintage Cameo by Cottage Touch
4) Deconstructed Post-Apocalyptic Dress by XXXavia
5) Octopus Print by ArtandEverythingElse
6) Vintage Style Stationary by Lenaseptemvri

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic collection! Love the cameo, so beautiful