Monday, November 15, 2010

Etsy Promotions: Cinnamon BNR

Happy Monday!  For any sellers new to Etsy, I wanted to let you know about a way to boost sales: Treasury BNRs (Buy and Replace).  To participate, you browse the shops in the treasury, and when you decide who you want to buy from, you let the curator know the name of the shop you are interested in.  Once the curator gives you the go ahead, make your purchase (you do not necessarily have to buy the item shown in the treasury) and post your transaction link in the comments section.  The curator will then replace the shop you bought from with an item from your shop.  People are then encouraged to buy from your shop, and if they do, then their shop will replace your shop.

Since it is the holiday season, this may be a perfect time to shop around for gifts you already need (or items for yourself!) and also get some new sales for your own store!  If you do not own an Etsy store, do not be discouraged.  You can usually suggest a shop to replace the one you bought from-so help out the friends you know one Etsy!  Check out this BNR that is going on right now, they had 79 sales in one night the last time they ran a BNR:

'Cinnamon Promotional Frenzy BNR' by Giftbearer

















Note: This screenshot is the original lineup of Etsy sellers.  When you click in, you may notice new sellers.


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