Monday, September 27, 2010

Easy Modified Gloves Part I

Good morning everyone!  Want to make a super easy and cheap pair of half-finger and fingerless gloves?  On Sunday, two of the Poison Garden girls Melissa and Crystal happened upon a great deal at Payless grocery stores.  We went there to get incredients for homemade biscuits and gravy (which were DELICIOUS) and ran into a bin of .69 cents lady's gloves.  They were just basic full-fingered gloves in both striped and solid colors (we were so excited to start the project that we did not snap any pictures of the original gloves, but you get the idea).  We of course grabbed a bundle and, after breakfast, set about modifying the gloves.  They looked basically like these gloves:

We ended up shaping the gloves into two different styles.  In the first, we simply clipped the finger tips down low to make a half finger style.  We then used a lighter to stop the ends from fraying.  This style was especially cute on the striped gloves!

We also made another open fingered style.  We cut the thumb down low like in the first style, but then cut the other fingers off.

In Part II, we fancy up some of these basic glove forms by adding hems to the edges and adding lace and other embellishments to the gloves.  Check back soon!

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